Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Probiotic Raspberry Smoothie

I’ve been trying to find lots of extra ways to get probiotics into my diet during this pregnancy.  I want to make sure I build a healthy gut for our baby.  I’ve been drinking lots of water kefir, eating sauerkraut, and taking my probiotics daily.  But, I wanted some other options too.  I don’t care for the taste of plain yogurt, but it’s loaded with probiotics and it’s good for your gut, so I wanted to find a way to consume it daily.  I’ve been adding it to smoothies – fruit smoothies, green smoothies, pumpkin pie smoothies … you get the picture. 

I know raspberries are not in season right now, but they are a low sugar fruit and I’ve been craving their tangy flavor.  Some of you are lucky enough to have harvested them during the summer and have freezers loaded with frozen berries.  If you do, this is a great way to use some of them.  For others like me, check your local natural foods store for frozen organic raspberries, my local co-op has sales on them regularly, so I like to stock up on them then.   

I hope you enjoy this tangy smoothie as much as I do. 

Probiotic Raspberry Smoothie

Equipment: Blender

·      2 ½ cups frozen organic raspberries
·      1 medium organic banana – fresh or frozen
·      1 – 1 ½ cups raw whole milk or full fat coconut milk
·      1 cup organic whole plain yogurt, such as St. Benoit or Straus Family Creamery 
·      1 tablespoon raw honey or sweetener of choice
·      probiotic capsule, empty probiotic, discard capsule (optional, See Note)

1.    Add frozen raspberries, banana (broken into pieces), milk, yogurt, honey, and empty probiotic powder into blender. 

2.   Blend until smooth and combined, about 1 minute. 

3.   Serve immediately or freeze for later.  

Note: I used Bio-Kult Probiotic.  It can be emptied from the capsule, which makes it great for kids – you can put it in drinks, smoothies, food etc.   

Yield: Makes about 5 cups.

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  1. Do you mean "emptied capsule" or add " contents of capsule" and discard emptied capsule?

    1. Maybe I need to change the wording, sorry. Yes, add the probiotic powder contents into the smoothie and discard the capsule.

  2. This is really helpful. I haven't tried making a smoothie with a probiotic capsule in it but this is a nice change on the usual plain yogurt I take and other probiotic pill.


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