Easy Refrigerator


These no-cook, old-fashioned, homemade, Easy Refrigerator Pickles made with honey, apple cider vinegar and dill are so delicious, quick to  make and only have 9-ingredients! 

Cucumbers Dill Garlic Cloves Apple Cider Vinegar Honey Sea Salt Dill Seeds Fennel Seeds


Wash the cucumbers and fresh dill, then dry them off. Slice the cucumbers. 


Add the apple cider vinegar, honey, and sea salt to a jar. Put the lid on the jar and give it several vigorous shakes until the honey is dissolved.

Next, remove the lid on the mason jar and add the fresh dill sprigs, dill seeds and smashed/crushed garlic to the jar.

Then add the sliced cucumbers and pour the filtered water over the cucumbers. Give it several shakes with the lid on.

Perfect for snacking, as a garnish on grilled burgers, layered on sandwiches, added to potato salad or served at summer picnics and BBQ’s!