Rice Cake Topping Ideas

Transform these delicious and healthy rice cakes with beautiful layers of flavor and different textures for a heavenly meal.

Greek Yogurt with Pistachios & Honey

Brown Rice Cake Greek Yogurt Pistachios Honey, Drizzle 

Cucumber, Cream Cheese, & Olives

Brown Rice Cake Cream Cheese Thinly Sliced Cucumber Black Olives Olive Oil  Salt

Melted Chocolate, Berries, & Sea Salted Dates

Brown Rice Cake  Honey Medjool Dates       Salt Water                      Berries Butter                      Vanilla Extract Coco Powder 


Evenly distribute yogurt between rice cakes. Top with pistachios and drizzle with honey.

Evenly distribute cream cheese.Top with cucumbers & olives. Drizzle olive oil on rice cake add a pinch of salt.

Prepare dates and chocolate mixture. Distribute dates on rice cakes. Add berries & drizzle with chocolate.


"WOW! You have really elevated the humble rice cake to something almost gourmet! Love the toppings."

"I love rice cake toppings.. perfect snack time…my favorite is greek yogurt with honey."

"Each of these look absolutely amazing!"