Creamy  Watermelon Ice Cream

This luscious, 5-ingredient, naturally sweetened, Creamy Real Food Watermelon Ice Cream is the perfect summer treat!


Watermelon Vanilla Extract  Milk Cream Raw Honey Sea Salt


Use a spoon to scoop watermelon into juicer and juice until you have 1/2 cup of juice.  Add watermelon juice, vanilla, cream, milk, honey, and salt to blender.


Blend until smooth, about 5 seconds.  Pour ice cream mixture into ice cream maker.  Turn on ice cream maker and mix. Enjoy!


Substitute full-fat coconut milk for the dairy.

Whisking gelatin into 1/4 cup boiling water, in the ice cream mixture helps keep ice cream from getting rock hard.

If you freeze the liquid ice cream mixture in a container, it won’t set exactly the same or produce the same soft consistency.


"Yummy and unique ice cream! Thanks for sharing!"

"Yum! A friend brought some watermelon ice cream to a baby shower a few weeks ago and I loved it! It was so fresh tasting!"

"I made it and my daughter and husband loved it. this is the first homemade ice cream my husband has ever had. I added chocolate chips to it. So good!!!!!"